I have a catalogue of thousands of photographs. I took over 2000 photographs on my last trip to Kruger, South Africa in 2017.

I have have to admit, I am a digital hoarder. I imagine someone walking into my photo hard drive, throwing abuse, and asking unnecessary questions of why I feel the necessity to keep all these photo’s. “ you have 3000 photographs of the same cow” they shout, “CHOOSE, which one do you really want?”
But what is this really about? Why is it so hard to press the delete button? Is this about making decisions? I am the custodian elected to protect this visual moment, each photo holding some small detail.  It is my responsibility to decide which detail is to be saved which essence makes up the moment, the moment you don’t want to loose.
I love the vastness of the wild bush in Kruger, herds of elephants roam, they are magnificent in size, their ears and tusks map the history of their lives in the wilderness.
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